The Manor

The origins of Malfarat

The name of Malfarat is formed with the francisque word MAHL, the territory of jurisdiction, and with the Germanic Lombard word FARA, the family, the domain. Malfarat is so the domain of the jurisdiction.

The castle of Malfarat, its Manor and dependencies are erected in the town of Saint Bonnet de Cray (71340).
This place was already called Malfarat in the 14th century.

In this group of buildings, which is a real hamlet, the manor and its hip roof welcomes you for a privileged moment.
Although its located in land of Charolais-Brionnais, the history of Malfarat is inseparable of Charlieu's one (42190), flourishing village since the 11th and 12th centuries.

Famous guests in the Manor

In 1746, Malfarat housed the Bishop of Mâcon, who was visiting the parishes of Charlieu.
Monsieur de Mâcon, and his retinue, stayed two wekks in Malfarat.

Soon after, in 1754 and two times, Malfarat was visited by an equally famous figure, but with a different prestige.
It was the popular Mandrin, a highwayman who received the fervour of a part of the population.

 It's your turn to come and anjoy the calm and the surroundings of our accomodations nearby Charlieu.


Coming to the Manor

Coming from CharlieuGPS coordinates Manoir of Malfarat

In the great majority of case, coming to the Manor through Charlieu is the simplest solution.

When in doubt, please contact us on +33 6 73 70 90 14.

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